Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Doctor Who!

Big Bang Theory, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Doctor Who etc. The list of show that people involve themselves in are many and I myself am part of one. I am a Doctor Who fan also know as whovians. If you do not know much about the show or anything at all well, let me explain. Doctor Who is a show that was first created in 1963 and then restarted in 2005. The main character of the show is The Doctor, a timelord, who travels through time in his TARDIS ( Time and Relative Dimensions in Space). The Doctor goes around through time saving not only earth but, all creatures in the universe as best he can. Still he may be an amazing at what he does, he does not go at it alone. The Doctor has those who assist him called companions many who stay for a while and leave, others get left behind, while other forget. I am one of the many that is in love with the series. This show is full of suspense and humor, as well with many twist and turns. It is a small surprise that so many people get involved with Doctor Who. So if your looking for something to watch and haven't found it well Doctor Who is the show for you! There is so much more to this show than what you think and what I know. So to get a better picture about the show please watch!

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